Salzsellerie - Madeirasauce

Culinary Feast

Both at noon and in the evening our chefs have only one thing in mind:
To surprise you and your taste buds every day anew.
Together with Ralf Briesning, Marcus Blonkowski processes hand-picked, seasonal products in the kitchen, which they choose themselves when visiting suppliers from the region. After all, the dishes are only as good as the ingredients.

And since January 2017 we have also been looking beyond Saxony’s (Germany’s) borders. We want to offer our (regular) guests qualitative variety. So when winter comes, other countries have a productive boom and we want to take advantage of that. That’s why we travel through different regions of Europe. Per map we stop in one region. Our impressions are then reflected in our menu.

And if a dish or a lemonade makes it onto our menu, then we can guarantee you one:
The products are all fresh and homemade.
With us you can expect uncomplicated dishes that concentrate on the essentials.

The components on the plate or in the glass harmonise perfectly with each other. But the best way to convince yourself of this is to visit us and take a look at our-> menu – in advance – and at the pictures as a little appetizer (click below) …

We conjure up a 3-4…or 8-course -> surprise menu for you with components from our menu.

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Handkäse mit Musik
Kalbskopf - Meerrettich- Gemüse
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