Salzsellerie - Madeirasauce

culinary feast

During Lunch time as well as for dinner, our chefs have only one thing in mind: to surprise you and your sense of taste on a day-to-day basis.
Marcus Blonkowski and Ralf Briesning are mostly using handpicked, seasonal products, which they have chosen during visits of suppliers and breeders in the Saxon region.

And on top of that: From 2017 onwards we look beyond one’s own cultural horizon of Saxony (Germany).  As we like to offer our (regular) guests qualitative variety. As soon as we are having winter season other countries are having efficient and economic boom. and this is what we like to use for our business. This is why we are going on vacation through different regions and countries of Europe. We are stopping over at one certain region per menu. You will then find our impressions within our current menu.

Finally, the dishes are only as good as the ingredients are. You can expect simple but rich flavored dishes, which are focused on the really important.

Please feel free to have a look in our -> menu – and watch out for the images as a small appetizer (click below) … We are happy to prepare a delicious 3- 4- ….or 8-course -> surprise menu with dishes from our menu.

Startbild GA
Ostseelachs - Joghurt - saures Gemüse / Baltic Salmon - yoghurt - sour vegetables
Himbeere - weiße Schokoade / Raspberry - white chocolate
Schokocrossies - Mandelsplitter
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