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stern.jpg Michelin Guide Deutschland 2019 | Die neuen Sterne-Restaurants

“We are the new Dresden star chefs”
Dresden 05.03.2019

Nicole and Marcus Blonkowski received the award for their pleasure studio. Why this does not only have advantages.
The story about the star began with a burst Barcelona holiday. Nicole Blonkowski and her brother Marcus actually wanted to celebrate their 30th birthday in the Spanish metropolis. But then everything changed. “On Saturday morning, a tester from Guide Michelin called and asked if we could come to Berlin on Tuesday,” says Marcus Blonkowski. The two had a slight foreboding as to what might happen there. The famous gourmet guide Michelin presented his new star restaurants. “But we didn’t know anything about it and weren’t allowed to tell anyone anything,” Nicole remembers. The only ones who were inaugurated in advance were the parents of the two. It wasn’t until they tried on the chef’s jackets, on which the star was emblazoned, in Berlin before the event that it became clear: “We made it. Our pleasure studio is now a star restaurant.” This means that your restaurant fits into the squad with Stefan Hermanns Bean&Beluga on the Hirsch, the Elements in the Zeitenströmung and the Caroussel on Königsstraße.

“It is of course a great honour and we are proud, but a star does not automatically mean more guests,” says the 33-year-old chef. Some would rather be deterred by the award. According to the motto: A star restaurant is expensive. But that’s exactly what the two siblings want to avoid. “Our goal is to offer good food at affordable prices,” says 30-year-old Nicole. A glance at the menu reveals that with 39 euros per person for a 3-course meal, for example, they really are, compared to other upscale restaurants.
As an experienced restaurateur, do you actually recognize the testers when they take a seat in your own shop? “Yes, of course, we often suspect it. The testers usually order a menu to try as many dishes as possible and behave differently from other guests,” reports Nicole, smiling. As with the prices, they also want to distinguish themselves from other star restaurants when it comes to the furnishings with their pleasure studio on the Bautzner Landstrasse/corner of Waldschlösschenstrasse. There are no white tablecloths or coasters. Instead there is a cosy atmosphere in the vaulted cellar.

The love for cooking and gastronomy had been there for a long time, both chose an education in this field. Born in Großröhrsdorf, they completed their apprenticeships at the former Dehoga School at Albrechtsberg Castle. You as a hotel manager, he as a cook. Afterwards followed stations among other things in Austria in the castle hotel at the Wörthersee or in the hotel Astoria Seefeld. “I got the finishing touches from my mentor Christian Bau,” says Nicole Blonkowski. Bau is chef at the restaurant Schloss Berg an der Obermosel, which is awarded three Michelin stars. At some point, the desire for something of my own grew and grew. Nicole wanted to return home, her brother and his wife agreed and so they opened their own restaurant almost five years ago.

But the lack of cooks and waiters, which is rampant everywhere in Dresden, does not stop even in front of the freshly baked Star Restaurant. “We recently had an open position and searched for four months. Not a single application came in that time,” says chef Blonkowski. In addition to the siblings, four other employees work in the shop. From April they will be looking for a service employee again. The young people don’t want to work in the evening or at the weekend – the two owners of the Genuss Atelier know what other restaurateurs say about the difficult search for personnel. “Many want to have Saturday and Sunday off”, reports Nicole. Their shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the other days is open, since there most guests come. You yourself are always in the restaurant. “Those who go into business for themselves know that this is not an eight-hour job,” says the boss. When they get some time off, they like to eat. Preferably Schnitzel, Sülze and Döner. And the burst Barcelona holiday will of course be made up for.

From Julia Vollmer

Photo: © Marion Doering


Michelin-Stars for Saxon Restaurants

IHK Gastronomie und Tourismus | 05.03.2019

The new version of Guide Michelin 2019 was released on 26 February. The Genuss Atelier in Dresden and the Restaurant Atelier Sanssouci in Radebeul were also delighted to receive the coveted Michelin star. With the two new restaurants, there are now a total of seven restaurants with a Michelin star in Saxony.

In the Michelin edition one star is described as follows: “A kitchen full of finesse – worth a stop”. The criteria of the evaluation are among other things constant quality of the ingredients and their freshness, their professional preparation, in the center stands the taste, singularity of the courts and creativity.

Congratulations to both companies for this award!



Guide Michelin 2019: The big winner is Saxony

Online-Artikle in  Super Illu 01.03.2019

The “Guide Michelin” – the bible of connoisseurs – has selected the best restaurants in Germany
Saxony wins two new star restaurants, Berlin remains number 1 with 17 gourmet temples

The tension was palpable until the end. When the German star restaurants were announced at the Berlin Motorwerk on Tuesday, 26 February, one could literally have heard the needle fall on the floor. After all, the awards of the restaurant guide “Guide Michelin” determine success and social recognition. No restaurant directory and rating is as relevant as the German Michelin Guide.

Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt are each on the exquisite list with one restaurant, Brandenburg with three, Saxony increases from five to seven, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania holds its eight awards and Berlin loses 3 and now has 17 star restaurants. But the big winner is Dresden, which is now East Germany’s gourmet capital with four star restaurants.

Three new stars in East Germany: the Atelier Sanssouci in Radebeul, the Genuss Atelier in Dresden (photo above) and the Kochzimmer in Potsdam were ennobled for the first time. But the Falco in Leipzig with two stars remains the measure of all things.

MDR Sachsen about the Michelin-Stars 2019

Top cuisine in Saxony
New Michelin stars for restaurants in Dresden and Radebeul

The taste that remains unforgotten: star restaurants are considered a Mecca for gourmets and lovers of all cuisines. The French restaurant guide Guide Michelin has now awarded a star to two new restaurants in Dresden and Radebeul.

Eine Person hält den Restaurantführer Guide Michelin in der Hand.
image rights: dpa

In Saxony, two new restaurants have been admitted to the Guild of Gourmet Temples with Michelin Stars. The “Genuss-Atelier” in Dresden and the “Atelier Sanssouci” in Radebeul each received a star in the edition of the hotel and restaurant guide presented on Tuesday in Berlin. With the two new houses, there are now a total of seven restaurants in Saxony with a Michelin star, including the “Caroussel”, the “bean&beluga” and the “Elements” in Dresden, but also the “Jewel” in Kirschau in eastern Saxony.

However, Peter Maria Schnurr of the “Falco” in Leipzig, which is the only restaurant in Saxony to be decorated with two stars, remains king of the top Saxon chefs. Schnurr was only named Saxony’s best chef by the restaurant guide “Gault&Millau” in autumn 2018. The Michelin Guide lists a total of 309 gourmet restaurants in Germany, nine more than in the previous year. Gourmets are strongholds of metropolises such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The Michelin Guide will be on sale on 4 March. The first Michelin stars in Germany were awarded in 1966.


New Michelin stars for Dresden and the surrounding area: these are new Gastro stars

Picture: Guide Michelin

Genuss-Atelier and “Atelier Sanssouci” are the new gastronomy stars
of the region.
Saxony has two new gourmet temples. The Michelin Guild now runs the “Genuss-Atelier” (Marcus Blonkowski) in Dresden and the “Atelier Sanssouci” (Marcel Kube) in Radebeul, each with a star in its renowned restaurant guide.
With the two new houses, there are now a total of seven restaurants in Saxony with a Michelin star, including the “Caroussel”, the “bean&beluga” and the “Elements” in Dresden, but also the “Juwel” in Kirschau in eastern Saxony.


Two new star restaurants for Dresden and Radebeul
Hitradio RTL: Last update: 27.02.2019 | 07:55 Uhr

The “Genuss-Atelier” at Waldschlösschen and the “Atelier Sanssouci” in Radebeul are delighted to receive a knighthood – they are listed with a star in the new Michelin gourmet guide.
The “Carussel”, the “Elements” and the “bean&beluga” will also be there in 2019. The Dresdner Edelküchen have defended their star. The Free State of Saxony now has a total of seven star restaurants. The other two are the “Jewel” in Kirschau near Großpostwitz in Upper Lusatia and the two-star restaurant “Falco” in Leipzig.

In the German edition of the Guide Michelin, the meaning of the stars is described in this way:

a star – “A kitchen full of finesse – worth a stop!
two stars – “A top cuisine – worth a detour!
three stars – “A unique cuisine – worth a trip”!

The edition of the hotel and restaurant guide presented in Berlin on Tuesday lists 309 gourmet restaurants. By far the most starred restaurants are in Baden-Württemberg (77), followed by Bavaria (52), North Rhine-Westphalia (47) and Rhineland-Palatinate (27).
(with dpa)


Tag 24,  26.02.2019

New Michelin stars awarded for restaurants in Saxony

Dresden – In Saxony, two new restaurants have been admitted to the Guild of Gourmet Temples with Michelin Stars.
The “Genuss-Atelier” in Dresden and the “Atelier Sanssouci” in Radebeul each received a star in the edition of the hotel and restaurant guide presented in Berlin on Tuesday.

With the two new houses, there are now a total of seven restaurants in Saxony with a Michelin star, including the “Caroussel”, the “bean&beluga” and the “Elements” in Dresden, but also the “Jewel” in Kirschau in eastern Saxony. However, Peter Maria Schnurr of the “Falco” in Leipzig, which is the only restaurant in Saxony to be decorated with two stars, remains king of the top Saxon chefs. Schnurr was only named Saxony’s best chef by the restaurant guide “Gault&Millau” in autumn 2018.

The Michelin Guide lists a total of 309 gourmet restaurants in Germany, nine more than in the previous year. Gourmets are strongholds of metropolises such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The Michelin Guide will be on sale on 4 March. The first Michelin stars in Germany were awarded in 1966.


New Star-Restaurant in Dresden

The young team of the “Genuss-Atelier” made the leap to the top.

The Team of Genuss-Ateliers in Dresden. © Screenshot SZ

In Dresden, a new restaurant has been added to the guild of gourmet temples with Michelin stars. In the edition of the hotel and restaurant guide presented on Tuesday in Berlin, the “Genuss-Atelier” on Bautzner Straße has been awarded a star. Stefan Hermann’s “Atelier Sanssouci” also received a new star in Radebeul.

With the two new houses there are now altogether seven restaurants in Saxonia with a Michelin star, among them the “Caroussel”, the “bean&beluga” likewise of Stefan Hermann and the “Elements” in Dresden. But also the “Jewel” in Kirschau. However, Peter Maria Schnurr of the “Falco” in Leipzig, which is the only restaurant in Saxony to be decorated with two stars, remains king of the top Saxon chefs. Schnurr was only named Saxony’s best chef by the restaurant guide “Gault&Millau” in autumn 2018.

The Michelin Guide lists a total of 309 gourmet restaurants in Germany, nine more than in the previous year. Gourmets are strongholds of metropolises such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The Michelin Guide will be on sale on 4 March. The first Michelin stars in Germany were awarded in 1966. (SZ/jv with dpa)


The country needs new stars

There are several restaurant guides – but the one with the biggest reputation is still the Guide Michelin. Cooks have already killed each other because the stars were no longer awarded, but many more have happily embraced each other with their team because of (additional) winners. Some are even said to have poped the champagne corks! The current Guide Michelin is published this time as late as never before: today instead of last autumn. And two chefs should have been particularly pleased: Marcel Kube from Atelier Sanssouci in Radebeul and Marcus Blonkowski from Genuss-Atelier in Dresden. Both, one can already say from the point of view of the abund-and-off-meal eater, are not surprising and have long since been deserved.

We got to know and appreciate Marcel Kube and his way of cooking since autumn 2013 at william. Since 2016 he has been chef at the Atelier Sanssouci, the Villa’s restaurant Sorgenfrei. Marcus Blonkowski has always been regarded by many as the greatest chef in Dresden, but mostly with a twinkle in his eye because of his height. But he is also a great cook, and his frequently expressed dissatisfaction with the perception of good restaurants in Dresden among national gastronomic critics should now come to an end. (Contributions by the Genuss Atelier during the STIP visits | Contributions by Marcel Kube during the STIP visits)

The two new members in the star area are the only ones in East Germany (without Berlin, but that was and is and always will be a league in its own right). The situation for Dresden and the surrounding area is not so bad with five 1-star restaurants (bean&beluga, Caroussel, Elements, Genuss-Atelier and Atelier Sanssouci). Soooo many places with five star restaurants don’t exist at all (on the adjacent map there are four, because Michelin correctly doesn’t count Radebeul as Dresden. But I’ll just do that…). Further east there’s only Kirschau with its jewel, in Leipzig the Falco with 2 stars is and remains top, followed by the Stadtpfeiffer (1 star).

But they don’t always have to be stars. Every year, the testers of the Guide MICHELIN Deutschland also award the “Bib Gourmand” to restaurants that offer carefully prepared meals at a particularly good price-performance ratio. A 3-course menu is already available in the restaurants for 37 euros. In the 2019 edition of the Guide MICHELIN Deutschland, a total of 424 restaurants received the popular rating. New in Dresden are the Restaurant Daniel and the DELI vom Elements, no longer in Dresden are the e-Vitrum and (for good reasons!) the Genuss-Atelier.


Upgraded! Thanks to the culinary Guide Gusto
tested 2018 and published 12/18 – result 6 pans. We are very happy about the result!

Both on the terrace near the elbe and in the brick vault with changing pictures there is a pleasant atmosphere and stylish details, from the art on the walls to the handmade tableware. Marcus Blonkowski’s kitchen does not need to hide either. Quite the contrary, because the small team has continuously increased to a very pleasing level over the last few years. In the beginning, the somewhat slimmer and fresh starters were on a high level, but now the very accurate and finely nuanced main courses have also reached this level. Überhaut, the team always strikes a very appealing mediocre balance between uncomplicated accessibility and elaborate refinement with the visually very attractively designed plates.

With starters like the sweet-sour marinated, individually designed autumn vegetables with a regional cow milk feta and linseed crackers, it was just as easy to create tension with simple means as with the clear aromatic tuna tartar, which was served as a compact cuboid together with green apple, (somewhat coarser, raw) shallot, avocado and a red fruity light sorbet. The thin pink slices from the back of the veal, on which roasted, rawly planed and creamy mushrooms, rather tart herbs and malty crunch biscuits in accurately spotted proportions provided a balanced taste picture that could at best have been revived by a more present acidity, went in an aromatic, somewhat darker direction. The team itself showed how this works with the sweet and sour marinated slices of beef tongue, which were presented animated with crunch, power and acidity along with herb-green parsley cream, parsley oil and roasted onion components (including crispy, juicy onion bread).

A bit more harmonious, but no less appealing, was the golden crispy fried redfish with creamy and firm Jerusalem artichoke, roasted almonds, gnocchi and a dense crustacean foam. Everything, and especially the vegetables, in elegant, well-balanced proportions.
And also the perfectly roasted pink pigeon breast and the juicy braised leg with grilled nectarine, mushrooms (creamy, crispy) and a powerful jus perfectly balanced the taste.

In the end (surprisingly!) the regional hard cheese as well as the dessert kept the level. The latter with a delicate mousse tartlet made of mango and white chocolate together with freshly marinated mango, buttery crumble and smooth mango sorbet. Not spectacular – there could have been a few more corners and edges – but round and catchy.

In addition, hostess Nicole Blonkowski offered homemade iced tea and lemonade varieties, a small, predominantly regional Saxon wine selection (open and bottle-wise identical) and uncomplicated and attentive service.


Hop-on Hop-Off: Discover Dresden in comfort with the Stadtrundfahrt  

The Dresden City Tour presents us in its new stop guide. We are happy about it and invite every visitor to come and see us.

Use the Waldschlösschen stop to get off the bus. From there it is downhill only approx. 200m to our pleasure studio. But what is the most comfortable way to explore a city like Dresden? Of course with a city tour! On board the eye-catching double-decker buses, visitors can enjoy their round trip with a multilingual audio guide in just one day or get on and off as often as they like at the 22 stops. The guided tours of the Zwinger, along the Fürstenzug or around the Frauenkirche are especially recommendable and are included in the ticket. And if you don’t have anything planned for the evening, you can walk through Dresden’s Old Town with the Nightwatchman at dusk and be carried away into the past thanks to the stories handed down from the time of August the Strong.



recommends us! Thank you…

…for the nice text about our pleasure studio in the Likibu Blog!

Likibu is a meta search engine that offers over 5 million private holiday homes worldwide. It gives you access to all offers from the main accommodation pages. This blog, without any claim, aims to give you new ideas and inspirations for your trip, to recommend you a program for your next holiday and to inform you about the news in the world of tourism. Use the Likibu Holiday Home Search and find an apartment or house for your holiday now!

We are listed in the blog Likibu in the category “Essen in Dresden / Recommended Restaurants”:
Regionality meets modernity: Genuss Atelier
Regional and modern cuisine at the same time? In Dresden you can enjoy this in your own studio. In a homely ambience, chef Marcus Blonkowski, together with his team, serves exceptional culinary delights to the visitors of the restaurant, in which special emphasis is placed on the quality, origin and freshness of the products used. In addition to the perfectly composed dishes, which are offered at an extraordinarily fair price, the cosy hotspot is also known as a bar, separate room and lounge by the residents and guests in Dresden, as the address to enjoy, chat and relax. We recommend you to make an absolute trip to Dresden!


Tested: by the initiators of the Augusto Annual Magazine 2018
Dresden’s magazine for enjoyment and lifestyle / a magazine of the Sächsische Zeitung / issue 2018 / p.46. We say THANK YOU Katrin Fiedler and Team for the professional work!

Hands for high enjoyment
They are young, ambitious and can cook, cook, cook.
An entire team convinces with innovations in the Genuss Atelier.

They tickle a surprisingly fresh aroma from kohlrabi and freeze it to creamy ice cream, with crumble brittle of pumpernickel, edible flowers and crunchy spring rolls filled with buttery mashed potatoes and sweet peas, we enjoy a sensory roller coaster ride.
Our palate will remember this for a long time: fine-pored grain bread in tartlet form with lemony crème spread, the light variant of wafer-thin beef tongue with variants of beans, yellow and green, linseed crackers, chips of hot chorizo sausage, the juicy corn chicken à la barbecue, the surprising desserts of dark chocolate, peach ice cream, raspberry jelly and strawberry sauce.
Again and again it is the multiple and surprising play between cold and warm, sweet and sour, creamy and crunchy or with the expectations of familiar dishes, because bean salad is not always pickled sour.
A la carte or surprise menu for everyone at the table – that’s the new strategy of chef Marcus Blonkowski, his sister Nicole in service and her team, which has now grown to three men.
On a late summer Wednesday evening, we were able to experience how professionally this young team operates in a fully booked house. They know what is on the table and they enjoy it themselves.
Also new is the website on which they present their careers and their idols: Sergio Herman, Andreas Caminada, Heston Blumenthal can be read here. You don’t know them? It doesn’t matter. The names stand for the rising stars and pioneers of European molecular cuisine. Kitchen artists who take risks and push their limits.

What the Blonkowski team is achieving away from the tourist hotspots with their modern, regional gourmet school in Dresden, stands out. But it’s not off the beaten track. In the sandstone vault, furnished in the purist country house style or on the terrace with a view of Bautzner Straße and Elbe, the guest does not have to switch to the “smart” mode or pay attention to their etiquette. Many people appreciate that.


Upgraded! Thanks to the culinary guide Gusto

tested 2017 and published 12/17 – result 5+ pans. We are happy about the result!

This really beautiful natural stone vaulted restaurant in the basement of a corner building opposite the Waldschlösschenbrücke promenade is run by the hosts Nicole and Marcus Blonkowski with a lot of personal commitment, passion and talent. Although the siblings had both worked in upscale houses such as the Palais Coburg in Vienna or Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau in Perl on the Moselle before taking the step into self-employment, they deliberately started with the Genuss Atelier at a lower threshold and can thus reach a much wider audience.
With a courteous, relaxed pace and a sophisticated but not too artificial cuisine, they have long since earned a firm place in Dresden’s restaurant scene and have stayed on the carpet in a pleasant way.

There is a surprise menu with up to eight courses. – If you like, you can order just one main course à la carte. The latter would actually be a mistake, because the strengths of the kitchen come to the fore especially when the individual dishes are allowed to be a little slimmer.

Surprisingly subtle and well proportioned, the appetizers were almost on a 6-pan level. Both the thin raw marinated slices of veal, which were escorted with radishes, pickled mushrooms, herbs and a herb mayonnaise in an aromatic and haptic way, and the Pulpo with fennel. The latter was delicately cooked, subtly spiced, marinated together with various fennel preparations such as raw, crispy, cooked whole, refreshed and pointed with a variety of bitter lemon gel and sour cream.
Exactly the play with contrasts and acidity was missing in the generally clearly more opulent and coarser arranged skin passages. In spite of the slightly fruity sauce and the use of ginger, carrot preparations remained somewhat too broad and one-dimensional for the very good golden trout. The herb variations (braised, creamed cabbage…) remained without dynamics with the likewise quite attractive sucking pig back (pink cooked, juicy aromatic meat, crispy dark crust…).

Even the basically successful desserts lacked a little freshness in the form of fruit and acidity. Apart from that, the chocolate structures, together with the mild egg liqueur parfait in the chocolate cylinder or the self-interpretation of the egg cheek in the form of a juicy, fluffy cheese cake timbale with sour cream, milk ice cream and some chocolate were a very tasty sweet finish.
The friendly hostess is not only responsible for the attentive service, but also for harmonious wine recommendations from the charming small selection with a focus on Saale-Unstrut and Saxony.


meidresden was after our victory at Mein Lokal your restaurant to visit in the Genuss-Atelier and also looked behind the scenes.
published on the occasion of our 3-year anniversary on 01 November 2017.

Genuss-Atelier won at Mein Lokal Your restaurant on Kabel 1

MeiDresden.de 01.11.2017 16:30 Uhr – (MS)
The filming took place in May. The episode was broadcast from Dresden in September. Mein Lokal – Dein Lokal auf Kabel1 was once again a guest in Dresden.
5 different restaurateurs fought for the victory. With 37 out of 40 points the Genuss-Atelier could assert itself ahead of Petit Frank with 35 points.
MeiDresden.de visited the Genuss-Atelier ….

The restaurant is located on the Bautzner Landstrasse, in the cellar of a Dresden villa. Directly in sight and opposite the restaurant is the Waldschlößchenbrücke, which connects the Radeberger Vorstadt with the Johannstadt district.
The guest is “picked up” as soon as he or she enters the restaurant. Everything is organized from the welcome to the decoration of the square. The guest should also feel comfortable with us, said Marcus Blonkowski.
Dresden artists exhibit their works in all three rooms, some of which can also be bought. On 45 seats one quickly finds a comfortable place. Here, too, works of art hang conspicuously on the sandstone walls.
On the tables, fresh flowers. Also with the entire table decoration no coincidence is left. It is the whole package that has led to success.

Currently you have to order one week in advance to get a place in the Genus studio, the owner and cook Marcus Blonkowski told us. With him in the team there are another three employees in the kitchen.

The restaurant was opened on 01.11.2014. Nicole and Marcus Blonkowski run the “pleasure studio” together. It is important to us that we prepare the guest nice hours.
This also includes the cloth towels on the WC.

In the kitchen, everything is freshly prepared by ourselves. This also includes the freshly baked bread, which is served as a small welcome greeting before the menu.
But if you think that you will get a bread basket and a butter barrel, you are wrong. It is presented quite differently.
Marcus Blonkowski proudly told us that the whole team was in the woods for this and was busy collecting. When they visit the pleasure studio, they let themselves be surprised.
It doesn’t matter whether I bake the bread or a colleague. Everyone does everything for us, Marcus Blonkowski told us. The broth on the stove has been cooking for three days. On the day of our visit, plums had just been awakened.
These are intended later for dessert.

We offer stars in connection with the bourgeois kitchen. Skewers are adapted to the season. Much value is placed on the quality of the products.
What is the use of a product that simply does not taste good?
You can buy from Uncle Franz, among others, but also from farmers in the region. The company stands for Fresh Regional Products. They buy from farms in the region and thus have short delivery routes.

The menu changes every 6-8 weeks. The main course can be chosen from a selection of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes.

So the “back of the mountain pig” – with “salt celery” costs 23.50 euros.
The calf liver – potato – onion – apple is offered for 23.00 euros.
The prices are affordable also with the elevated star kitchen for the normal consumer and move in the middle price segment, so Marcus Blonkowski.
He creates small works of art from simple products onto plates.
As a host, he impresses with his calm, friendly and courteous manner. We were able to experience this during our visit. His gastronomic career began in the Hoga Castle Albrechtsburg in Dresden.
He already cooked in Vienna and Ischgl until he opened his gourmet studio in Dresden.

We wish you continued success and fun in your company!

Contact us:
Restaurant Genuss Atelier
Bautzner road 149
01099 Dresden, Germany
phone: 0351-25028337


Das Genuss-Atelier at Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal

We have participated at Mein Lokal Dein Lokal on Kabel1.
On 25.09.2017 from 17:55 o’clock play the new episode in Dresden. We, the Genuss-Atelier may open the week.

Hier geht es zur Preview “In Dresden sind die Köche verliebt”… hier zur ganzen Folge vom 25.09.2017 und hier zum Video “Dessert weißer Schokoladentraum”

This week “Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal” is going to Dresden. It starts with the “Genuss-Atelier”. Owner and chef “Marcus Blonkowski” (31) wants to convince his colleagues of his seasonal star cuisine. Will this succeed?
The restaurant “Genuss-Atelier” is looking for the connection between food and art! Marcus Blonkowski (31) conjures up small works of art on the plate in a mix of star gastronomy with international and middle-class elements. With a lot of love for detail and filigree patience the guest receives a colourful and richly formed meal, where consistency and taste harmoniously interact. The guest can not only marvel at his food, but also at the creativity on the sandstone walls. Paintings by various artists hang there, such as Lisa Deutschmann, hobby artist and project manager from Dresden.

The restaurant is housed in a Dresden villa in the Radeberger Vorstadt, north of the Elbe. In the cellar with sandstone walls there are 45 seats. For those who prefer the fresh air, there is space on the terrace with 40 seats on the B6, Bautzner Str. Directly in sight and opposite the restaurant is the Waldschlößchenbrücke, which connects the Radeberger Vorstadt with the Johannstadt district. A well-known institution nearby is the “Brauerei am Waldschlösschen”, four minutes walk away.

Prices are also affordable for the “upscale star cuisine” of the average consumer and are in the mid-price segment. There are six appetizers to choose from, ranging from 3.80 euros to 11 euros. The main course can be selected from a selection of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. The “black feathered chicken breast” with “homemade thyme gnocchi” costs 22.50 euros. The “Sorbet” for dessert costs much less for 9 Euro.

Marcus Blonkowski (31) creates small works of art on plates from simple products. Many steps are necessary before a dish reaches the guest at the table. As a host, he impresses with his calm and courteous manner. Born in Großröhrsdorf, he began his gastronomic career at Hoga Schloss Albrechts[berg] in Dresden. He cooked in Vienna and Ischgl and finally opened the “Genuss-Atelier” in Dresden in November 2014.


On August 28th the online contribution followed. Many thanks for that!

Nicole and Marcus Blonkowski fulfilled their dream of their own restaurant very close to the Waldschlösschenbrücke bridge. On 45 indoor and 40 outdoor seats the Genuss Atelier has found its place and lives up to its name: With every meal the siblings conjure up real works of art from regional and international ingredients on the plates of their guests.

Nicole and Marcus – a sibling couple cooks at star level
Have you ever heard of zebra or lemon cucumbers? Haven’t you? Neither have we! Today Marcus takes us into his kitchen and prepares his shepherd’s salad before our eyes – in a different way. Exactly for this he needs those unusual ingredients, of which one has probably never heard anything before. Marcus himself once discovered the vegetables at a regional farmer’s wife’s home and has been using them for his gourmet dishes ever since.

Zebra cucumbers in the kitchen of the Genuss Atelier

For the salad, which is considered one of the classic appetizers here in the restaurant, the various types of vegetables are first of all cut to bit size. So, in addition to the different cucumber and tomato varieties, there is also room for olives – but “in a different way”. How? Quite simple: The small black stone fruits are processed into a special paste in the pleasure studio of Marcus and his team. They are put into the oven at 160 degrees for 40 minutes and then mixed with flour. Only then are they served on the starter plate. In addition, a fine paprika cream forms the basis for the remaining ingredients. This also consists of peppers braised in the oven, which are then pureed and enriched with egg yolk to make a delicate cream. The crowning glory is a homemade olive dressing and blanched onions.

While we watch Marcus and his team take shape as the unusual creation takes shape, the chef surprises us with other unusual ingredients for his dish: cucumber foam and tomato ice cream complement the shepherd’s salad and give the plate its first proper dash of colour. For the necessary shepherd’s cheese, the Atelier relies on the regional Lausitzer Krümel, which smells and tastes wonderfully aromatic. It is a cow’s milk cheese marinated in olive oil. The last finesse is then given to the starter by a variety of edible flowers and a crispy bread chip. “We cook beautifully here” is how Marcus describes his varied creation as he looks into our enthusiastic faces.


We are amazed at what you can conjure up from the multitude of unique ingredients and how much creativity there is in the kitchen of the Genuss Atelier. Nicole and Marcus are pursuing a profession that fully satisfies them. Of course, it doesn’t take long before you realize that they have laid their professional foundations in star gastronomy. It is precisely for this reason that it is so gratifying that every Dresdener can now enjoy the creative yet down-to-earth culinary delights that the siblings bring to the state capital

Bautzner Straße 149
01099 Dresden, Germany


Christian Fenske has written in his blog Weine-Feinkost – Unterwegs mit Christian Fenske, on the tracks of good taste about his visit to us;
published on 04.July 2017

Genuss-Atelier – Dresden – Germany

Marcus Blonkowski cooked at and with Silvio Nickol at the Palais Coburg in Vienna and the great Sergio Herman from the Netherlands is considered a great role model. There’s hardly anything that can go wrong, and that’s exactly how it comes to a menu on the small outdoor terrace of the Genuss-Atelier restaurant in Dresden.

Marcus Blonkowski cooks regionally and seasonally with his team and his connection to the Slow Food movement can be tasted well with every bite of the small and lovingly prepared dishes. The motto “less is more” also applies to the wines, and with the exception of a few Moselle wines, the immediate region reigns here with fine wines directly from Saxony and the Saale-Unstrut. These are explained nicely in the wine list and prejudices about non-existent qualities of these “Ossi” wines are not appropriate and can be drunk at the latest after the first tasting drink cheerfully aside.

The surprise menu presents itself as if from a single mould. Good jus and sauces, fine tuning of the seasonal products and an arrangement on the plates as Sergio Hermann might like it.

The Genuss Atelier is a beautiful, casual hideaway of fine enjoyment. Without appearing to be detached and with the full focus on the product as well as a lot of fun at work, the guests are prepared a delightful evening here.


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Your voting has weight! You determine the result of the guesthouse guide
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Hey Dresden!…

….visited the Genuss-Atelier (19.03.2017) and created a successful summary in the category Kneipensurfer. But read for yourself

Fresh regional and seasonal cuisine with a touch of wanderlust (international cuisine). Originality in classic regional cuisine, delicacies with a surprise effect and an experimental team.

Speciality of the house?

There is no perpetual dish. At the latest after 8 weeks one can count on a menu adapted to the season, e.g. calf’s liver, apple, onion, parsley root. Only in the long winter months does the Genuss Atelier team get a hint of wanderlust and offer its guests a “pleasure trip” beyond the borders of Germany, e.g. homemade gnocchi, pumpkin and ricotta. At the same time, the team offers its own region the time to regenerate for the high season. Several awards, including the Bib Gourmand in the Guide Michelin 2017 MICHELIN tester: “Pleasure for up to €37: carefully prepared products, a moderate bill, fresh cuisine with an excellent price-performance ratio”.

How to get there by public transport, parking and walking?

Bus 64, 74 and train stop 11 directly in front of the door, no in-house parking spaces, free parking in the adjacent streets possible.

Prices / Price range

High average but with an excellent price-performance ratio

What is the ambience like and in which style was it furnished?

A listed sandstone cellar, pleasantly warmly lit, a deliberately natural interior, accessories specially developed for the restaurant concept, which set the stage for the kitchen creations. The service personnel are also dressed to match. The decision was made in favour of tailor-made aprons from Hohenstein-Ernstthal – a consistent decision for the region!

To whom / which target group does the restaurant address?

Guests without age restrictions who cultivate a conscious lifestyle, who appreciate a healthy diet with a modern twist and surprise effects, who simply love natural cuisine.








Is there a garden/terrace?

Summer terrace with a view of the Elbe river and the Waldschlößchenbrücke bridge as well as the Dresden districts of Johannstadt and Blasewitz.








Marcus und Nicole Blonkowski GbR
Bautzner Straße 149 • 01099 Dresden
Telefon: 0351.25028337
Mail: info@genuss-atelier.net
Web: www.genuss-atelier.net


Bild Ersti Guide TU DresdenRecommendation in the ultimate Ersti Guide der TU Dresden

Despite the narrow thaler, which every student knows and usually has, the Genuss-Atelier Dresden is recommended in the Essen section of the ultimate Ersti Guide of the TU Dresden: Genuss Atelier The Genuss Atelier in the Prussian Quarter scores not only with a great location but also with high-quality food. Perfect for everyone who wants to treat themselves to something.


Recommendation in the travel guide about Dresden
Currently we can be found in the new travel guide of DuMont Direkt about Dresden! “SATT & GLÜCKLICH” Where food meets sustainability: Regional local experience in the restaurant Genuss-Atelier Dresden Hardly founded, already on everyone’s lips: The siblings Marcus and Nicole Blonkowski use everything that season and region have to offer – including the herbs they pluck from the nearby Elbe meadows. The classic dishes such as pork loin with potatoes and cauliflower, which are seasoned with it, are much more exciting than usual. Travel Guide Profile: Light & Loose! Personal travel companion with 1 folding plan, 15 direct chapters, 120 pages, even more addresses – and reading pleasure from the first page on. “DuMont direct” brings you right into the heart of the city’s lifestyle, the playful “travel compass” takes you 15 times exactly to where there is something special to discover and experience.


In January 2017 we made it among the 500 best restaurants (place 478) in Germany and among the Top 25 in Saxony (place 13) in the Gerolsteiner Restaurant Best List 2017!

Gerolsteiner Restaurant-Best List 2017


Logo Gerolsteiner Restaurant-Bestenliste 2017 - 72DPI

The Gerolsteiner Restaurant Best List annually compiles a ranking of all restaurants that have been tested by one or more of the seven major national restaurant guides. This is the only ranking that provides an overview of the entire top German gastronomy.


In December 2016 we have been taken from the Varta Guide to the Restaurant of the Week.

Restaurant of the week

The base is right. Chef Marcus Blonkowski and his sister Nicole gained a lot of gastronomic experience in top companies at home and abroad before they returned to their homeland two years ago. The location in a sandstone cellar vault of a city villa at the northern end of the Waldschlösschenbrücke bridge was just the right thing, and what the two of them made out of the old, a little bit sleepy walls and opened as a new restaurant in 2014 within a short time is a real enrichment for the gastronomic scene of the Saxon state capital. The “Genuss-Atelier” welcomes its guests with open guest rooms in an exciting mix of traditional and modern styles. Simple furniture and original lighting design create a warm atmosphere under the arches of the vault, charming, contemporary and not overstyled – simply successful.  Bar, Lounge, Séparée and dining room can of course also be used for private occasions or business lunches. During the summer months you can also dine on the beautiful terrace in front of the restaurant. As the name suggests, only the finest dishes are served in the “Genuss-Atelier”. The ambitious patron consistently relies on local products for his creations. Most of the ingredients come from Saxony. The fish does not come from overseas, but from the Moritzburg ponds or the trout farm “Am Lachsbach” in Saxon Switzerland. Meat, fruit and vegetables are sourced from Missionshof Lieske in Oßling. Variations such as “braised beef cheek – potato – Brussels sprouts”, “duck breast – parsley root – mushrooms” or “cod – meets Jerusalem artichoke” prove the undisputed talent of Marcus Blonkowski. He stands for a creative fresh cuisine, which still inspires a little more Mahl um Mahl. Blonkowski always finds the right balance between simple and refined at the stove. And for those who want to experience the entire spectrum of his culinary arts, the 5-course surprise menu (58 EUR) is recommended, which can be extended up to 8 courses at will. The very likeable service is always there when you need it and the wine offer not only pleases friends of good and first-class wines. Here, too, you stay in Saxony and offer a nice selection of high quality wines from well-known and lesser known winegrowers. But they are right, the operators: why not stay in the region and serve good wines to every course? Conclusion: Good ideas, original regional dishes with flair and an inviting ambience. The “Genuss-Atelier” has long since found its fans. We are part of it and award the restaurant with 1 Varta diamond in the current book edition.

Also in 2017 we were awarded 3 caps and 3 service jackets by Bertelsmann’s Der Große Guide 2017 Hotels und Restaurants.

01099 Dresden – Bautzner Strasse 149 (03 51) 25 02 83 37
German and regional cuisine
Open: Wed.-Fr. 17-23 h; Sat./Sun./Holidays 12-23 h – Closed: Mon./Di. – Tables: 15/42 seats

E-mail: info@genuss-atelier.net
Internet: www.genuss-atelier.net
8 main courses from 13,00 to 20,00 €
Menu from 38,00 €
Description of the
It is simply always a pleasure to return to the “pleasure studio”. The fact that Marcus Blonkowski and Martin Seifried on the stove and Nicole Blonkowski and Lisa Deutschmann on the service floor put their idea of a perfect restaurant into practice with passion can be felt in every corner. And there are some of them, thanks to different rooms. Bar, Séparée, Lounge and dining room can also be used for celebrations or business lunches. The interior with its high sandstone vault is simply inviting and enchants with its individual charm. Cooking is preferred with local products, of course in first-class quality. Meat, fish and beer come from the Missionshof Linke, wines from Dresden’s wine route and lemonade and iced teas are homemade. The dishes are thoroughly honest, the harmoniously matched ingredients are combined to create flavourful combinations such as lamb with onions, brown mushrooms, tomato and homemade gnocchi. The pleasure is complemented by the studio: changing pictures by young artists serve as eye-catchers and can also be purchased.


In the category sixpack we were awarded 86 points and 2 forks in the current October / November issue of Fallstaff Magazine. That makes us really proud! GENUSS-ATELIER Dresden The “Genuss-Atelier” enriches the top gastronomy of the Saxon state capital. The restaurant can be found in a sandstone cellar vault of a town villa at the northern end of the Waldschlösschenbrücke bridge. After the siblings Nicole and Marcus Blonkowski have gained gastronomic experience all over the world, they have returned to their homeland. Home – that’s what you could call their concept for their restaurant. They consistently rely on regional ingredients. The “Saxony products” are of the very best quality. […] As a greeting from the kitchen, a quartet of tastings is arranged optically perfect in a small wooden box on the table. Also the double-baked brown bread and the homemade salt butter are devilishly delicious. Among the appetizers, the hung sheep’s quark with linseed, spinach and bacon or veal tatar with egg and wood sorrel were popular. The main courses are also true masterpieces – such as the perfectly roasted sturgeon with chard and celery or the juicy tender saddle of lamb with onions, mushroom variations and homemade gnocchi. The wine list reads exclusively wines from Saxony from mostly still unknown winegrowers, among them are some wonderful drops.


We are newcomers in the Schlemmer-Atlas 2017 and listed with 2 cutlery.

Dresden – A beautiful spot in Germany

Short trip to Dresden
First of all you should be aware if you are looking for a holiday flat in Dresden directly in the city, in the centre or if you prefer to spend your holiday outside of Dresden. […] For example, there are offers from hotels that offer other specials in addition to rooms and breakfast – free admission to a museum, city tour, bicycle tour or a Christmas tour are a few of the special features. However, if you decide to stay in a holiday apartment in Dresden during your short holiday, you will find a large number of restaurants and inns. The restaurant Genuss-Atelier, for example, is a very respected and well-attended restaurant in the city. Thanks to likibu.com for the recommendation to visit the restaurant Genuss-Atelier on a short trip to Dresden.


The dancing mice of Salsaland Dresden recommend the restaurant Genuss-Atelier Dresden to their members and interested people with a nice contribution:

Eating and sleeping in Dresden
You can experience outstanding culinary delights in Dresden at the Genuss Atelier Restaurant (Bautzner Straße 149, 01099 Dresden). Here you get regional and seasonal cuisine with the special clou in a great modern atmosphere. […] A great experience!


The Varta guide awarded us a diamond in 2017 (published on 06 October 2016) The atmospheric restaurant is located in the vaulted cellar of a typical Dresden villa in Radeberger Vorstadt. The handwritten menu offers a mix of fine international cuisine and down-to-earth modern home cooking. There is also a chilly lounge, a business room and a beautiful summer terrace overlooking the banks of the Elbe.

A one-page article about the Restaurant Genuss-Atelier Dresden can be found in the current issue of 24 September 2016, No. 38 of the AHGZ, in the category Regional East under the title “Saxon at Top Level. We are very proud and thank Mr. Detlef Berg very much. Saxon at the highest level Concept: In Dresden’s Genuss-Atelier chef Marcus Blonkowski and his team interpret traditional Saxon recipes in a modern way. That goes down well. Originally, Marcus Blonkowski had nothing to do with cooking. But at some point he had to learn something, he says. And the 30-year-old obviously succeeded very well in doing so. Less than a year and a half after his opening, his gourmet studio is still regarded as an enrichment for Dresden’s top gastronomy. Blonkowski laid the foundation for his career at Hoga Schloss Albrechtsberg in Dresden. In Vienna, he heard about Hauben for the first time, later cooked for five years in Ischgl and attended the opening of Palais Coburg, where he also met star chef Silvio Nickol. Blonkowski’s sister Nicole also gained gastronomic experience in top restaurants, for example at Christian Bau in Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant at Schloss Berg in Perl-Nennig. “I had the idea of opening my own restaurant a long time ago,” says Blonkowski. In November 2014 the time had come. Since rents in Dresden’s city centre were too high, the siblings decided to build a sandstone cellar vault in a town villa at the northern end of the Waldschlösschenbrücke bridge. “Actually, I never wanted to go into a cellar with my restaurant, but we also have the beautiful terrace in front of the restaurant”, Blonkowski explains the decision. Modern, simple furniture and indirect lighting have created a pleasant atmosphere under the arches of the vault. They open up views and create areas that can be used separately. Even small details are taken care of – on each table there are fresh flowers and a little sign with the handwritten names of the guests who have reserved. Home, that’s what you could call the gastronomic concept of the Blonkowskis. They consistently rely on regional ingredients. The “Saxony products” are of the very best quality. “We know all the producers personally,” says Marcus Blonkowski. The fish from the Moritzburg ponds or the trout farm Am Lachsbach in Saxon Switzerland. Meat, fish, vegetables and even the freshly tapped beer come from the Missionshof Lieske near Kamenz. “The quality is right and we support the work of socially disadvantaged people who have found an interesting field of activity there,” says Blonkowski. The chef collects fresh herbs such as yarrow or wild chamomile on the nearby Elbe meadows and wood sorrel in the Dresdner Heide. The source of the products is also always noted on the handwritten menu. As an appetizer there are, for example, hung sheep’s quark with linseed, spinach and bacon, as main courses sturgeon from Saxon breeding with chard and celery or back of wool pig with potatoes and cauliflower and as a dessert cheese variations from Saxon cheese dairies with homemade chutney or elderflower sorbet. “In the beginning, I didn’t just want to cook regionally,” says Blonkowski. “But then I thought it might be a great thing to interpret old traditional Saxon recipes in a modern way.” Under the motto “Rely on us completely”, guests can also opt for a surprise menu. The 3-course menu costs about 35,00 Euro and can be extended up to eight courses. In between, small, artfully prepared appetizers are served. Obviously, the concept has been well received. “We were well booked right from the start and are still very satisfied with the response from our guests,” says Nicole Blonkowski. “On many evenings a reservation is necessary, we have meanwhile pleasantly many regular guests. Other guests become attentive over good evaluations in the social networks on us. Last but not least, the price-performance ratio certainly speaks for the restaurant. Most of the wine is also served by the glass, so that guests can always try something new. Detlef Berg


1,5 F in DER FEINSCHMECKER and in the special issue “die 500 besten Restaurants für jeden Tag”! Thank you! In the cellar of a villa you sit between bricks and paintings on modern wooden furniture. Refined regional dishes come from the kitchen: carp from Moritzburg, raw marinated char with cucumber, cucumber sorbet, yoghurt, sweet cake crumbles and coulis of chives, clover and dill. Beautiful sun terrace. Wines from Saxony and Saale-Unstrut.


One of our biggest partners “Uncle Franz” was a guest himself and appreciated this on his Facebook page! We are happy to have you in our boat!
“That was a great culinary show. And above all tasty!! The pleasure studio is worth a visit in any case”!


Slow Food Germany included us in its guide in April 2016 and recommends the pleasure studio with this article:

Genuss-Atelier | Dresden
This restaurant was recommended by the Convivium Dresden, (publication date: 15.04.2016, updated: 17.04.2016) owner: Marcus und Nicole Blonkowski Bautzner Straße 149 01099 Dresden

opening hours
Wednesday to Friday 17:00 to 23:00 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 12:00 to 23:00 Monday and Tuesday Rest day

At the northern end of Dresden’s Waldschlößchenbrücke bridge, hidden in the cellar vault of Bautzner Strasse 149, is the Genuss Atelier. Nicole and Marcus Blonkowski have been running their own restaurant here since 01.11.2014. The original sandstone barrel vault conveys a rustic impression. The many arches of the cellar vault open charming views, whereby one sits somewhat separately by some glass separations in the arches and the noise level is pleasantly dampened. The modern and straightforward furnishing without ornaments creates a special contrast to the sandstone ambience. When the weather is fine, a small outdoor terrace in front of the restaurant invites you to linger.

Food and drinks
For Marcus Blonkowski, regionality, freshness and seasonality are particularly important. As a rule, he personally knows the origin of the food used from the farms in the surrounding area, and almost exclusively regional products are used. For example, the meat and the freshly tapped beer come from the Missionshof Lieske, fish from the Teichwirtschaft Moritzburg, fruit and vegetables from uncle Franz (a local dealer for regional products), the bread is baked by the Dresden mill baker and almost all the wines were pressed by local winegrowers. The fruit juices come from farmers, there is homemade iced tea, homemade lemonade, freshly squeezed orange juice, and for the crowning finale the fine spirits of Augustus Rex from Dresden tempt. The source of the used products is also always exemplarily noted in the menu. This menu changes seasonally frequently, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly and is inspired by the seasonal range of ingredients. Marcus Blonkowski also likes to use old traditional Saxon recipes, some of which are interpreted in a modern way. The dishes created by the chef and his team (Martin Seifried, Dominic Harzbecker) are a real pleasure. The name is the program here as well. Nearly all the dishes tested were special treats (pleasure studio!), the term “studio” probably plays with the great craftsmanship, which not only pampers the palate, but also the eye. The testers were all enthusiastic. As appetizers, the most popular dishes were the curd cheese with linseed, spinach and bacon, the pork belly with pointed cabbage and carrot as well as the cream soup of black salsify. As a main course we could enjoy: braised veal cheeks with parsley root and herb side dishes, the back of the wool pig with potato and cauliflower, a confit salmon trout or also the brook trout with leek, broccoli and nut butter foam. The dessert compositions were also a great pleasure throughout, be it the cucumber sorbet with Dresden gin or “Nutella and yoghurt” (don’t worry, this is just the name!) or the Saxon cheese variation with two different chutneys. Due to the frequent changes of the menu, this selection can of course only be a snapshot of the offer. Those who love surprises can also opt for the surprise menu in the Genuss-Atelier, which can be extended to their heart’s content and taste (from 3 to 8 courses) and takes the guest on a surprise journey through the menu. In addition to the actual courses, small, artistic appetizers will appear on the table again and again. The extremely friendly, attentive and competent service in the restaurant supplies the suitable beverage ideas from the largely regional beverage menu and makes this Genussreise also otherwise finally a genuine experience.

in the restaurant 45 seats, at events 55 persons

Starters approx. 4 – 10 EUR Main courses approx. 14 – 24 EUR Desserts approx. 8 – 10 EUR

How to find us
Approach via Bautzner Straße, parking spaces in the adjacent side streets, local public transport stops (train and bus) directly in front of the door


Danke für diese Erwähnung in der Rubrik #Diezehnbesten an SUPERillu zu lesen in #dieelbemeinland am 03. April 2016  “Im Gewölbekeller lassen sich zum Beispiel Kalbsrücken oder Zander genießen”


Gelistet in DEM Reiseführer schlechthin: Lonely Planet!

Lighting up Dresden’s culinary scene of late is this fantastic place that’s well worth the trip on the 11 tram. The creative menu is streets ahead of most offerings elsewhere, although the best way to experience the ‘Pleasure-Atelier’ is to book a surprise menu (three/four/five courses €35/45/55) and let the chefs show off their craft. Reservations essential.


Laetitia Sträßner was our guest in March and wrote about us in her wonderful blog. A very nice text about our kitchen and our Genuss-Atelier Team. Thanks for that! Everything else under https://maultascheinelbflorenz.wordpress.com Have fun!

Palate in the Genuss-Atelier

What does a studio have to do with food? Quite simply…the definition of atelier says it is the workshop for creativity and this also applies to the restaurant Genuss-Atelier in the Bautzner Straße 149. For my birthday I wanted something special and I got it. Inconspicuous from the outside, the pleasure studio surpassed all my ideas of good food. In a modern vaulted cellar the restaurant, equipped with warm light and several decorative pictures, convinces. After we were asked to the table, we were completely blown away by the concept. In love with detail is probably the right word to express what went through all our minds. It all started when the reserving name was written on a small easel that had its place on the table. We were quickly served and here, too, we quickly noticed that they were attentive, highly trained and very friendly staff.  From wine knowledge to help with food, the team of the pleasure studio can only be praised. After we could decide after some back and forth finally for a main course, we got two tasty bread baskets with butter foam as a small starter. Then it was time…the food came and I really have to say, the restaurant bears the name of a studio not for nothing. So lovingly decorative, with small details German cuisine can look. I had veal cheeks with parsley root…and even parsley root can be prepared beautifully.  It was incredibly tasty and wonderfully arranged. The prices are clearly a little more expensive, but as a connoisseur or as someone who wants to become one, you are in good hands here and it is really worth it. In conclusion: top food, top service and really top location. I’ll be happy to come back and I’m already looking forward to what will be put on your plate. Your Maultasche

2014-10-23 20.09.51 2016_03_02 Kleckselkuchen XPXZ7831 IMG_2340 Genuss-Atelier_Innen-Panorama


Von Lastminute inspiziert und für Dresden Besucher empfohlen – wir sagen Danke!

Eating and drinking

Wonderful eating establishments can be found throughout this vibrant city, with something to suit all tastes. Opt for a fine dining experience by visiting Genuss-Atelier or Kastenmeiers, which specialises in fish and seafood dishes.


How Dresden Is Modernizing Itself for Travelers

The historic German city launches new hotels and culinary and cultural projects that will make it relevant for today’s travelers

By: Meagan Drillinger

<p>Dresden boasts unique architecture. // © 2016 German National Tourist Office </p><p>Feature image (above): There is no shortage of activities for...

Dresden boasts unique architecture. // © 2016 German National Tourist Office

Feature image (above): There is no shortage of activities for visitors to Dresden this year, as the destination will see several openings and celebrations. // © 2016 German National Tourist Office

Dresden, one of the most opulently architectural cities in Germany, is readying itself for a refresh. Long known as the Jewel Box of Germany because of its baroque and rococo splendor created by past Electors and Kings of Saxony, Dresden is a hub for both culture and art.

This year, Dresden, the capital of Saxony, is welcoming new hotels and new culinary and cultural projects that will continue to keep the historic city relevant for travelers today. The city is currently in the midst of a construction boom that will bring it a new look. The most evident transformation is happening right in the heart of the city. Destroyed in 1945, Dresden is working toward developing large-scale urban projects that will position the destination as a cultural capital once again.

Of note is the new Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden, a center for art, culture and creativity housed on the grounds of a former heating and power plant. The building will be the future home of the Dresden State Operetta and tjg (Theater Junge Generation), which stages theatrical productions for young people. Kraftwerk Mitte will also bring creative spaces for artists, as well as offices and eateries.

This year, the Dresden Kreuzchor boys’ choir is celebrating its 800th anniversary on March 4, with a festival performance in Semper Opera House. The choir will be accompanied by the Staatskapelle German orchestra and other soloists.

Dresden is a capital for foodies, as well, with a long tradition of organic farming. Travelers should not miss visiting local restaurants that are showcasing locally sourced products from the region. Schloss Wackerbarth, a winery and eatery, has its own blend of Saxon and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a list of wines from the property’s own cellar. The menu at Genuss-Atelier, located just above Waldschlosschen Bridge, features fish from the nearby Moritzburg ponds, as well as organic produce and beer from the church-run farm at Lieske bei Kamenz, as well as herbs from the banks of the nearby Elbe River.

Travelers can also sample the wine tradition of Saxony at Hoflossnitz, the oldest vineyard in the region, built in 1601, or make a stop at Christian Schwingenheuer in Dresden’s Neustadt district, which is creating organic beer.


Last year, Dresden saw a slew of new hotel openings. Star Inn Hotel Premium Dresden im Haus Altmarkt in the city’s Old Town opened last March, with 123 rooms in four categories. Integrated into the building, the historic Haus Altmarkt is a Viennese-style cafe.

Gewandhaus Dresden, which reopened in April 2015 after new renovations, also has a central location in Old Town. The five-star boutique hotel became the second German hotel in Marriott’s Autograph Collection. The property has 97 rooms, a spa zone and a gourmet restaurant. Built between 1768 and 1770, the building shows off the city’s baroque history.

Last June, Holiday Inn Dresden opened within walking distance from Zwinger Palace. It has 144 rooms, five meeting rooms, an outdoor terrace and a restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine.

Coming in July, there will be a new Amedia Hotel on Neumarkt street. With 103 rooms, it will be one of several new buildings under construction in the area between Schlossstrasse, one of the area’s central streets; Kulturpalast, a multipurpose hall; and Johanneum, a 16th-century Renaissance building now home to Dresden Transport Museum.

Hampton by Hilton is also constructing a 197-room hotel on Ringstrasse, next to the Rathaus (city hall).


The Bertelsmann Great Guide 2016 Restaurants and Hotels has named us Restaurant Discovery of the Year 2016!

Our Restaurant Discovery 2016

Enjoyment Atelier Dresden

Contemporary chic dominates the cellar vault
of the “Genuss Atelier Dresden” with lounge,
Business room and separee. Here goes the love
to the home through the stomach, because the products
come exclusively from the region.
With creativity and skill they are invited to the “Genuss Atelier”.
into culinary experiences.


We fill a whole page in AUGUSTO – Dresden’s magazine for enjoyment and lifestyle.


Marcus Blonkowski – the name will have to be remembered – he likes to play with colours, shapes and consistencies, he ennobles the sauces with great attention.

He ennobles the freshness of his products, he ennobles his craft. Young, light regional cuisine and perfect craftsmanship! We anticipate the summary, because the place for this restaurant above the Waldschlösschenbrücke, very urban and enclosed by traffic, hidden in the vaulted cellar between sandstone walls, reveals so little of what is surprising in it. The name “Genuss-Atelier” unfortunately doesn’t either. It should be called “Blonkowski”! Many have already failed. But obviously the siblings Marcus, on the stove and Nicole Blonkowski, trust in their skills in relaxed service. Rightly so. “After many stations in the star gastronomy above all in Austria , as Nicole Blonkowski tells on demand, we returned to Saxonia . But here nothing wants to be taken off at all, the service wears woodcutter shirts, and cooking is “regional”, which can range from wild herbs from the meadows of the Elbe to Baltic cod and Lower Saxony golden eagle owl, and very consistently continues with the small menu (appetizers, vegetarian, fish and meat makes 14 dishes and 2 desserts, voilà!) including wine list (only Saxon sites!). Here one made oneself many thoughts around the correct suppliers. And you can taste it. But: It also looks nice. On the plates there are the fresh, finely diced root vegetables, the knapsigen peas and pods as if rolled out or potatoes as puree, spotted or shaped, next to meat or fish, with wild herbs on top. And no matter whether with the cured beef tongue (“it tastes best to me”, says the child), the crumbly pink lamb slices (“finally not so many side dishes”, says the man) or the veal breast (juicy and crispy), little surprises await everywhere, with which the cook keeps the taste games in check. The sauces also prove that real experts are at work here: stunningly light, full of full-bodied flavours, French haute cuisine is around the corner. And there’s plenty left to store for the palate. Main courses under 20 euros, vegetarian dishes around 16 euros, delicious draught pilsner or black beer from Missionshof Lieske. On summer evenings the beautiful terrace under old trees is now often well filled. May it stay that way for a long time.

Felicitas van Krant


Einen ganz lieben Artikel erhielten wir von Öko chic und fit am 06. November 2015 auf ihrer Facebook Seite:

Diese Woche kam ich in wahrhaftigen Genuss… Es hat etwas länger gedauert, aber nun habe auch ich es in das #GenussAtelier Dresden geschafft. Ein Dinner für zwei in einem warm und gut ausgeleuchteten Kellergewölbe.
Eine ruhige und gemütliche Atmosphäre nahm man schon nach Eintritt ins Restaurant wahr, trotz einer großen Gesellschaft im Nebenraum. Wenn man “Genuss Atelier Dresden” in die Google Bilder Suche eingibt, kann man die Stimmung gut erahnen…
Die Bedienung war sehr höflich, aufmerksam und freundlich. Und das Essen einfach ein Traum!!! In diesem Restaurant wird ausschließlich mit #regionalen Produkten gearbeitet, was auch urkundlich durch “Der große Restaurant & Hotelguide 2016” seine Auszeichnung fand. Ich versuche in Restaurants immer Gerichte ohne Fleisch auszuwählen, aber hier musste ich das Damwild probieren, die Veredelung mit Rosenkohl und Sellerie klang zu verlockend.
Vor Kurzem hatte ich ein sehr angenehmes Gespräch mit einem der Köche. Man spürte deutlich, dass er und der Rest des vierköpfigen Teams für ihre Arbeit leben und das widerum spiegelt sich in der Qualität des Essens und des Services wieder. Traditionelle Speisen neu inszeniert, an die Saison angepasst oder ganz exclusive Sachen. Auch die Weinkarte kann sich sehen lassen.
Im Gespräch war ich schon begeistert, aber es selber #erlebt zu haben, macht es noch ´mal um Welten besser. Hier stimmte einfach alles und dieser Ausflug hat unseren Anlass perfekt gemacht. Danke an das Genuss Atelier an dieser Stelle!


Und noch eine weitere kleine Auszeichnung als Empfehlung mit einem Diamanten im Varta-Führer


AUSGEZEICHNET! Als Restaurantentdeckung des Jahres und mit 3 Hauben
für Küche und Service vom Bertelsmann – Der große Restaurant- und Hotelguide

…Im “Genuss-Atelier”, der perfekten Mischung aus Restaurant, Bar, Séparée und Lounge, werden alle Sinne angesprochen, bezaubert ein ganz individueller Charme…Weiterlesen


DER FEINSCHMECKER hat uns inspiziert!
Zu finden in der aktuellen Ausgabe 10/15 In der Rubrik “unterwegs” auf Seite 159. Hier mit 1,5 F ausgezeichnet!
Leider nur für Abonennten digital verfügbar, daher hier für Euch zum nachlesen


Backstein, Bruchstein, Gewölbedecken, helles Parkett, moderne schlichte Holzmöbel, bunte Gemälde von befreundeten Künstlern – Dresdens neuer Genussort ist im Keller einer Villa am Elbufer entstanden. “Früher soll hier ein illegaler Jazzclub für russische Soldaten gewesen sein”, sagt Gastgeberin Nicole Blonkowski. Ab und zu kämen Damen mit vieldeutigem Lächeln im Gesicht.
Die Küche serviert Raffiniertes aus meist Regionalem, Karpfen aus Moritzburg, Perlhuhn aus der Sächsischen Schweiz. Frisch angemacht ist der Salat aus Schnittbohnen, Erbsen, Speck, Bohnenkraut, gerösteten Brotchips und Ziegenkäse, pur und püriert. Gut auch der roh marinierte Saibling mit Gurke, Gurkensorbet, fluffig aufgeschlagenem Joghurt,süßen Kuchenstreuseln und einer aromatischen Coulis aus Schnittlauch, Klee und Dill. Am Herd steht Nicoles Bruder Marcus Blonkowski. Er war im “Palais Coburg” in Wien, sie im Restaurant des Top-Kochs Christian Bau an der Mosel. Von der Sonnenterrasse mit mächtiger Eiche und Ahornhecke schaut man auf Wiesen, Fluss und Altstadt. Die Weine aus Sachsen und von Saale und Unstrut schmecken.
Als Absacker gönnten wir uns einen feurig-herben “Augustus-Rex”- Bockbierbrand.
_Stefan Elfenbein



Letztes Jahr haben wir am Gastro Gründerpreis von Orderbird teilgenommen. Unser Bewerbungsvideo aus dem August 2015 findet ihr auf youtube.
„Aus der Region – für die Region” – Das Genuss-Atelier unterstützt die Kampagne des Senders Radio PSR “Klick Sachsen. Hier leb ich. Hier kauf ich.”
Schließlich gibt diese Initiative genau das wieder, was wir mit unserem Konzept in der Gastronomie schaffen wollen: Mehr Engagement für die Region, für Sachsen. Und damit so viele Menschen wie möglich zu erreichen.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf http://www.Klicksachsen.de und auf http://www.facebook.com/KlickSachsen



Am 15.08.2015 zählt uns Reisehappen.de unter die 7 Dinge, die man in Dresden gemacht haben sollte. Ein großer Dank für diesen Beitrag:

Abendessen im Genuss-Atelier

Das Genuss-Atelier ist eine Mischung aus Bar, Lounge und Restaurant in einem schönen Gebäude mit Sandsteingewölbe, aber ganz hell und freundlich eingerichtet.

Es gibt lokale sächsische Küche, die Produkte sind regional, saisonal, frisch und hausgemacht.

Köstlich fand ich die Goldforelle mit Mangold und Kohlrabi. Und wer mich kennt, ich steh nicht auf süße Desserts, sondern leckere Käseplatten. Und im Genuss-Atelier gibt es ganz besonders leckeren Käse aus der Region mit einem köstlichen Chutney und frischem Brot.

Saisonal gibt es auf der Karte übrigens auch leckere frische Limonaden.


Vom FIZZZ Magazin inspiziert und in der Rubrik “Citycheck” am 31. Juli 2015 veröffentlicht. Mehr dazu in der aktuellen Ausgabe unter www.fizzz.de/issue/fizzz/-82015

Update Dresden

Die imposanten Kellergewölbe der Villa auf der Bautzner Straße 149 werden wieder gastronomisch bespielt: Nach dem “Weltenbummler” und fast zweijähriger Pause befindet sich hier nun das “Genuss-Atelier”. Nicole und Marcus Blonkowski und ihre beiden Köche servieren ihren Gästen Speisen aus vorwiegend regionalen Zutaten. Fleisch und Gemüse beziehen sie unter anderem vom “Missionshof Lieske” bei Hoyerswerda, von dort stammt ebenso das Pils und Schwarzbier. Der Fisch wiederum kommt aus sächsischer Forellenzucht und von der Ostsee. Extra: Das Überraschungsmenü mit bis zu acht Gängen.
Samstags und Sonntags hat das Genuss-Atelier auch am Mittag geöffnet (Öffnungszeiten geändert).


Einer unserer Gäste hat sich die Mühe gemacht und uns auf seinem fashionblog am 30. Juli 2015 erwähnt. Alles rund um seine Eindrücke über Dresdens Stadtbild, Mode und Gastronomie

–>  können Sie hier finden.

We are back on track and Dresden lived up to its name as the ‘Florence of the Elbe’. While an architectural highlight, when you consider most of the old city was rebuilt after the war, the fashion left us a bit perplexed. Jürgen joked that I could do a few ‘bad taste photos’ for the blog, but I decided that only good images land on this website, so I thought I would save you from that!

Here, the men wore three quarter trousers and socks with sandals…and we aren’t referring to the hipster Birkenstock and socks look that still continues to find its way into most collections worldwide. The women were also somehow pattern-crazy, but not in the good sense. The locals chose simple looks and jeans proved a firm staple here.

On another note, we did manage to find two culinary highlights during our stay. Villandry, a tucked away spot where we were treated to salmon and a most exquisite swordfish. On Saturday night we tried Genuss Atelier, also tucked away, this time with arched beams in a basement. The food was astounding, where creative salads, guinea fowl, stuffed veal with spinach and even gin distilled in Dresden proved sure winners. Thank you to the wonderful staff that spoilt us at both locations with excellent, laid back service.


Dank Christian Fischer von der BILDzeitung füllten wir am am 16. Juni 2015 den Regional Teil “Dresden und Nachrichten aus der Region” eine dreiviertel Seite mit “Kräutergarten Elbwiesen”.

–> Den ganzen Artikel gibt es hier zu lesen.

Was am Ufer unseres Flusses wächst


von: Christian Fischer, 16. Juni 2015

Dresden – Kräuter und Zutaten für Salate gibt‘s auf Wochenmärkten. Doch Koch Marcus Blonkowski (29) vom Restaurant „Genuss-Atelier“ auf der Bautzner Straße will es frischer: Er pflückt sie morgens auf den Elbwiesen!„Es ist erstaunlich, wie viele gute Sachen hier wachsen. Die Elbauen sind Naturschutzgebiet, die Kräuter, die hier wachsen sind gesund und lecker“, sagt er. Blonkowski holt sich u.a. Scharfgarbe, Gundermann und Wilde Kamille. Auch Butterblumen nimmt er gern mit. „Die Blüten sind eine schöne Deko für jedes Gericht“, so der Koch.

„Blätter gehackt als Sauerkomponente in Salaten, Suppen und Saucen, bzw. Zitronenersatz bei Fischgerichten.“ Holt man am besten aus der HeideOberhalb des Fischhauses findet er frischen Sauerklee. „Nicht mit normalen Wiesenklee verwechseln, der ist nicht genießbar. Doch der Sauerklee ist ein guter Kontrast bei Lamm und Saibling. Einfach anstelle von Zitrone verwenden“, so sein Tipp.

„Ab Temperaturen über 10 Grad blüht sie und hat ein mildes würziges Aroma. Tipp: Kurz mit glasigen Zwiebelwürfeln in Butter garen und unter Kartoffelstampf mit Muskat heben!“Darf man einfach so auf den Elbwiesen pflücken? Blonkowski: „Nur wenn man die Kräuter zupft und nicht mit der Wurzel raus reißt! Je näher am Boden, um so intensiver sind sie im Geschmack.“
Und was ist mit Hunde-Pipi? Viele Tiere gehen dort Gassi. „Ich wasche die Kräuter gründlich und lege sie dann längere Zeit in Eiswasser. Dann sind sie definitiv gut“, so Blonkowski.

„Sie blüht von Mai bis Juli. Eine tolle Deko zum Bestreuen von Suppen oder Saucen. Aber Vorsicht! Sie ist leicht mit dem giftigen Scharfen Hahnenfuß zu verwechseln.“

Selbst Radio PSR hat unseren Artikel “Kräutergarten Elbwiesen” in der Bildzeitung gefunden und Steffen Lukas diesen gleich in seine Show eingebaut. Wir sind so stolz!
Der komplette Radio Mitschnitt ist –> hier zu hören.


Seit dem 14. Februar läuft die Aktion “Dresden isst fantastisch” der DNN. Diese läuft noch bis zum 19. April und inzwischen wurden wir auch von der DNN-Redaktion inspiziert: „Vier gewinnt, wenn das nicht ein gutes Omen ist.“
Der ganze Artikel hier auf –> www.translarte.de

Dresden isst fantastisch: Genuss-Atelier

Vier gewinnt!

Im Genuss-Atelier werden Zutaten wie Farben auf einer Palette arrangiert – und ergeben ein GesamtkunstwerkKennen Sie „Vier gewinnt“, den Spieleklassiker, bei dem vier Steine in eine Linie gebracht werden müssen? Was simpel klingt, erfordert Glück und Können. Ähnlich verhält es sich beim Betreiben eines Restaurants: Speisen, Ambiente, Service und nicht zu vergessen das Klima hinter den Kulissen müssen sich im Gleichgewicht befinden, damit die Gäste sich wohlfühlen und wiederkommen. – Im erst vor wenigen Monaten eröffneten Genuss-Atelier scheint man bisher alles richtig zu machen.Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass die Betreiber als Geschwister ein eingespieltes Team sind – beide schlugen eine Laufbahn in der Gastronomie ein. Markus Blonkowski wurde Koch, Nicole Blonkowski ging ins Hotelfach. Beide legten Wert auf Stationen in den besten Häusern, was sie mal auseinander und schließlich in Ischgl wieder zusammenführte, wo der Plan reifte, ein eigenes Restaurant nicht fern der Großröhrsdorfer Heimat zu eröffnen. Mit der Lebensgefährtin und dem besten Freund war das Team komplett und mit dem Eckhaus Bautzner/Waldschlösschenstraße eine Location gefunden. Wo hier frühere Betreiber in rascher Folge wechselten, wünscht man den neuen Pächtern bleibende Erfolge, denn seit ihrer Ankunft weht ein frischer Wind durch Dresdens kulinarische Landschaft.Das beginnt schon mit dem Ambiente: ein fast labyrinthisches Kellergewölbe wurde mittels Wanddurchbrüchen und indirekter Beleuchtung so gestaltet, dass es lauschig und weitläufig wirkt. Es gliedert sich nun in eine chillig-peppige Lounge, das Große Gewölbe, ein Geschäftszimmer mit Multimedia-Ausstattung sowie ein Separee, von dem aus wir das sonstige Geschehen recht gut überblicken konnten, ohne Andere zu stören oder uns gestört zu fühlen. Die aufgearbeiteten, einheitlich grau gestrichenen Möbel entsprechen ganz dem Zeitgeschmack. Außerdem kommt auf ihnen das ungewöhnliche, anthrazitgraue Service schön zur Geltung, das beweist, dass es in der ambitionierten Gastronomie nicht immer Rosenthal oder Meißner sein muss, wenn man einen eleganten Eindruck erwecken will.Vom Edlen zum Guten, bringt uns auf die Speisen. „Regionale, frische und geschmacksintensive Produkte“ anbieten zu wollen, ist ja leider schon wieder zur Phrase verkommen, doch hier macht man ernst und nennt Ross und Reiter beim Namen.Welchen Unterschied es macht, wenn jemand mit seinem Namen für ein Produkt einsteht, zeigt schon der Brotkorb: eine Knusperkruste von der Bäckerei Jacob in Radebeul, dazu milde Honig-Senf-Butter. Hoch ambitioniert geht es weiter mit nicht einem, nicht zwei, nein, drei Grüßen aus der Küche, die allesamt ästhetisch und kulinarisch so verblüffen, dass man mit dem Notieren gar nicht hinterher kommt. Hausgemachte Kartoffel-Chips mit Forellenkaviar aus Moritzburg; sodann ein herzhafter Lolli aus eingelegter Essiggurke mit Walnuss-Joghurtdip sowie ein Bemmchen vom Bauernschinken und Hausmacher-Senfmayonnaise. Als Krönung kommt eine Hommage an die Dresdner Heide samt essbarer Erde – macht nicht satt, sondern hungrig – auf Mehr!Das Mehr bedeutet hinsichtlich der Vorspeise Augenweide und Gaumenabenteuer zugleich: unter einem Beet von hauchdünnem Fenchel und Radieschen, über die Pimpinelle, Kerbel und – oh, schmeckt das ungewöhnlich – rote Affilakresse gestreut sind, erwartet uns roh marinierter Saibling, der jeden Lachs in die Ecke verweist. Ringsum getupftes, dezentes Bärlauchöl ersetzt jegliches Dressing, das das Gesamtbild nur übertünchen würde, welches sich aus den einzelnen Aromen aufbaut.Ganz reduziert der Hauptgang: Freilandhuhn, Muskatkürbis in zweierlei Zuständen sowie goldschillernder Geflügel-Jus. Mehr braucht es manchmal nicht, Ehrenwort.Die „Eierschecke – mal anders“ wird von Orangenchips, -sorbet sowie Joghurteis und Mini-Baisers begleitet. Einen finalen Gruß aus der Küche nehmen wir für morgen mit.


  • Besucht am 13. März 2015
  • Ursprünglich am 20. März 2015 in den Dresdner Neuesten Nachrichten erschienen
  • Genuss-Atelier

Die Aktion “Dresden isst fantastisch” der DNN ist vorüber. Wir danken all unseren Gästen, die daran teilgenommen und uns bewertet haben. Leider hat es nicht für eine Platzierung unter den ersten 3 gereicht, lediglich die Punktzahl, 4,78 von 5 zeigt, dass wir gut im Rennen waren. Wir gratulieren den Gewinnern!


Über das Genuss-Atelier ist ein neuer Artikel
in der Februarausgabe des –> Port01 Dresden Magazins erschienen (S. 39).

Gaumenschmaus im Genuss-Atelier

Was passiert, wenn sich vier junge, begeisterte Gastronomen zusammentun und ihren Lebenstraum erfüllen wollen? Genau, es wird ein echter Genuss! Auf der Bautzner Straße bewirten Marcus, Nicole, Martin und Lisa ihre Gäste mit regionaler, frischer Küche. Ein Besuch im Genuss-Atelier gerät dabei zu einer kulinarischen Reise durch Sachsen. Denn auf dem Teller landen ausschließlich heimische Produkte. Auf eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit Landwirten und Züchtern aus der Region wird dabei genauso Wert gelegt, wie auf angemessene Preise sowie saisonal wechselnde Kreationen. Auch die Getränke tanzen nicht aus der Reihe. Neben hausgemachten Eistees und Limonaden könnt ihr euch auf ein exklusives Weinangebot entlang Sachsens Weinstraße und der Saale Unstrut freuen. Das gemütliche Ambiente wird übrigens auch durch Kunstwerke regionaler Künstler unterstrichen, die sich im Genuss-Atelier den Gästen präsentieren können._stj


Wir sind jetzt sogar international im Fernsehen zu sehen: Das Team von DW Deutsche Welle TV hat Nicole bei uns besucht.
Unter der Rubrik -> “Hin und Weg” zu sehen: Restaurantchefin Nicole Blonkowski zeigt uns ihre Lieblingsorte: das Schloss Albrechtsberg, die Dresdner Neustadt und der Konzertplatz in der Dresdner Heide.


m.beger schrieb am 23.12. auf Prinz.de über uns.

Eine wunderschöne typische Dresdner Villa in der Radeberger Vorstadt (Preußisches Viertel) beherbergt in seinem beeindruckenden Keller das neue Genuss Atelier der Geschwister Blonkowski. Wenn ihr oft und regelmäßig in der gastronomischen Szene der Stadt unterwegs seid, kennt ihr die Adresse sicherlich. Hier befand sich schon der Weltenbummler und das Mediterraneum – zwei Jahre lang war die tolle Location aber geschlossen. Der Bau der Waldschlösschenbrücke hatte im Umfeld dominiert, jetzt ist diese eröffnet und ihr könnt die tolle Restaurant-Location wieder entspannt aufsuchen.

Vier junge Gastro-Kenner haben sich der Bautzner Straße 149 angenommen – ein junger Familienbetrieb quasi, denn seit vielen Jahren haben die vier Macher Nicole, Martin, Marcus und Lisa miteinander zu tun. Sie sind sich bei ihren gastronomischen Stationen in der ganzen Welt begegnet und haben nun die Entscheidung getroffen, in Dresden sesshaft zu werden. Die Geschwister Marcus und Nicole haben ihre Wurzeln in der Region, sie stammen aus Großröhrsdorf, und sind nun dem Ruf der Heimat gefolgt. Viel Heimat steckt auch im Konzept. Ihr bekommt hier ausschließlich heimische Produkte auf den Tisch. Keine Fisch aus Übersee, sondern vielmehr aus der Forellenzucht “Am Lachsbach” aus der Sächsischen Schweiz – oder auch aus Ost- oder Nordsee. Außerdem arbeiten die Vier mit dem Missionshof Lieske bei Kamenz eng zusammen. Sie unterstützen die Arbeit der Diakonie vor Ort und beziehen Bier, Gemüse, Fleisch und Fisch aus Lieske. Der Missionshof ist ein Arbeitsort für behinderte Menschen und beherbergt auch ein Wohnheim und eine Werkstatt.

Die “Sachsenprodukte” kombinieren und verarbeiten die beiden Köche Marcus und Martin mit ihren weltweit gesammelten Erfahrungen. “Was wir überall in Deutschland und im Ausland gelernt haben, bringen wir mit nach Dresden”, so Lisa, die unter anderem schon im berühmten Sacher in Wien gearbeitet hat. Heraus kommt eine Kombination aus Sternegastronomie mit feinerinternationaler Küche und bodenständiger moderner Hausmannskost. So gibt es als Vorspeisen-Variation zum Menü auch eine “Stulle” – ein knuspriger Brotchip mit frischem Schinken vom Missionshof Lieske. Oder ihr kostet die marinierten Essiggurken, gespickt auf einen Holzspieß und verfeinert mit einer köstlichen Créme zum Dippen. Auch die Limonade wird im Genuss Atelier für euch hausgemacht. Rundum leckere Speisen und Getränke, bei denen ihr schmeckt, dass diese frisch und handwerklich perfekt gemacht sind.

Ihr könnt im Genuss Atelier bei den Hauptspeisen zwischen Fleisch, Fisch oder vegetarischen Gerichten wählen, zumeist zwischen drei bis vier Speisen. Die handegschriebene Speisekarte zeigt wie künsterlisch auch alle Teammitglieder im Genuss Atelier mit dem Thema Kulinarik umgehen. Zudem gibt es nicht nur Kreativität auf den Tellern, sondern auch an den Wänden. Künstler können die Räume nutzen, um ihre Kunst auszustellen. Aktuell hat Lisa ihre eigene Bilder aufgehangen – sehr sehenswert. Auch etwas für’s Auge ist das Restaurant an sich, die verschiedenen Räumlichkeiten sind nur durch Stützpfeiler und mit Fenster-Durchbrüchen versehenen Wänden voneinander getrennt. Überall wirkt der Raum anders auf euch – und ihr könnt das Restaurant immer wieder neu entdecken. Ob in der Lounge, im Separée, im großen Gewölbe oder dem Geschäftszimmer – überall fühlt ihr euch sicherlich willkommen und könnt genießen. Und mit Vorfreude auf die warme Jahreszeit solltet ihr noch wissen, dass auch eine Sommerterrasse mit Blick auf’s Elbufer zum Genuss-Atelier gehört.

PRINZ-Bewertung: 4/5


Die HOGA Schloss Albrechtsberg – Marcus’ und Nicoles Ausbildungsschule – hat über uns geschrieben (Newsletter 12/14, Seite 15) – Newsletter (PDF)  anbei.

DAS GENUSS-ATELIER Eine Erfolgsgeschichte von HOGA Alumni

Die Großröhrsdorfer Geschwister Marcus und Nicole Blonkowski haben am 1. November 2014 ihr eigenes Restaurant im Gewölbe der Villa Clara gegenüber der Waldschlösschenbrücke eröffnet. Zusammen mit Lisa Deutschmann und Martin Seifried hauchen sie dem preußischen Viertel wieder etwas mehr Leben ein.

Alle vier haben während ihrer beruflichen Laufbahn in verschiedenen internationalen Häusern Erfahrungen gesammelt. An verschiedenen Stationen haben sich ihre Wege immer wieder gekreuzt. Zuletzt arbeitete Marcus als Junior Sous-Chef im Gourmet Restaurant im Palais Coburg in Wien an der Seite von Silvio Nickol und Fabian Günzel, Nicole in Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant Schloss Berg unter Christian Bau als stellvertretende Restaurantleiterin. Lisa führte die Position des Verkaufs- und Veranstaltungs-Supervisors im Hotel Sacher Wien aus und Martin unterstütze das Küchenteam im Elbhotel Rathen als Souschef.

Als die Idee entstand, ein eigenes Restaurant in der Heimat zu eröffnen, entwickelten die Vier ein neues Genuss-Erlebnis für Dresden: Einfache, unkomplizierte Küche im mittleren Preissegment, die mit Lockerheit und dem Blick auf das Wesentliche überzeugt. “Wir legen großen Wert auf regionale, hochwertige Produkte”, betont das Genuss-Team. […] Am Ende soll es einfach schmecken. Die Getränke stehen den Speisen in nichts nach: Weine von Sachsens Weinstraße werden ausgeschenkt, Limonaden und Eistees selbst gemacht.

All das in einem Ambiente, das regionalen Charme mit gemütlicher Eleganz verbindet: Stilvoll, aber nicht auftragend, modern, jedoch traditionell, elegant und doch außergewöhnlich. Lisa hat hier einen passenden Rahmen gefunden ihre Bilder auszustellen. Das soll zukünftig auch für Künstler aus dem Umfeld möglich sein.

Im Genuss-Atelier wird Mittag- und Abendessen serviert. Geöffnet ist Mittwoch – Freitag von 17:00 Uhr – 23:00 Uhr, samstags und sonntags von 12:00 Uhr – 23:00 Uhr, warme Küche immer bis 21:00 Uhr (Öffnungszeiten geändert).

Das Team vom Genuss-Atelier freut sich auf Ihren Besuch, ob allein, zu zweit oder ganz viele – jung oder alt – im Anzug oder in Jeans.


Unter dem Titel „Haute Cuisine at Genuss-Atelier“ ist am 22. November 2014 ein weiterer Artikel über unser Restaurant im Blog LIVING IN DRESDEN. erschienen.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Haute Cuisine at Genuss-Atelier


This picture shows Lisa Deutschmann (business management and marketing), Martin Seifried (chef), Marcus Blonkowski (chef) and Nicole Blonkowski (restaurant management).

They all met in Vienna where they studied, trained and worked in Haute Cuisine. The team of four decided to start something great back in their hometown Dresden. And born was the idea for Genuss-Atelier: a restaurant that offers food of an extraordinary quality in an unpretentious atmosphere.

Our lunch
Romaine Lettuce with Poularde, Capers and Parmigiano

Saibling with Parsley Root and Leek

Mousse of Gingerbread with Crumbles and Morello Cherries 

If you are curious and want to try it yourself, here is their website and address.


Am 10. November 2014 schrieb Anton Launer vom Online-Magazin für Dresden-Neustadt „Neustadt-Geflüster“ über unsere Eröffnung am 1. November: „In der vergangenen Woche hat an der Bautzner Straße, Ecke Waldschlößchenstraße ein neues Restaurant eröffnet – das Genuss-Atelier. … Nun haben Nicole, Martin, Marcus und Lisa wieder Leben in das schöne Gewölbe gebracht.“
Den gesamte Artikel können Sie unter www.neustadt-ticker.de nachlesen.

Genuss-Atelier am Waldschlößchen

In der vergangenen Woche hat an der Bautzner Straße, Ecke Waldschlößchenstraße ein neues Restaurant eröffnet – das Genuss-Atelier. Möglicherweise wird sich der eine oder andere Leser noch erinnern, an dieser Stelle lud einst der „Weltenbummler“ zum Speisen ein. Doch seit etwa eineinhalb Jahren war Ruhe an der Ecke. Das hatte sicherlich auch mit den Bauarbeiten an der benachbarten Brücke zu tun.

Nun haben Nicole, Martin, Marcus und Lisa wieder Leben in das schöne Gewölbe gebracht. „Wir vier sind ein Team“, erklärt Lisa. Gemeinsam haben sie das Restaurant komplett unmgekrempelt und wollen hier nun regionale Küche im Mittelpreissegment anbieten. Das bedeutet, das die Hauptgerichte etwa zwischen 10 und 20 Euro kosten. „Die Regionalität ist uns sehr wichtig, wir haben uns Bauernhöfe in der Umgebung angesehen und die besten beliefern uns jetzt“, erzählt Nicole stolz. Gemeinsam mit Lisa ist sie für den Service zuständig, während die Herren in der Küche hantieren. So beziehen sie zum Beispiel Fleisch und Bier vom Missionshof Lieske, der Kenner wird ob des Gerstensaftes mit der Zunge schnalzen.Die vier sind ein eingeschworenes Team, haben sich über Umwege in Wien kennen gelernt und gemeinsam nach einem passenden Lokal für ihren Traum gesucht. Die erste Woche sei schon ganz gut angelaufen, berichtet Lisa. Man hoffe, gerade beim Mittagstisch, auf Besucher aus dem benachbarten Büros. Erste Buchungen für Feiern und Feste gebe es auch schon. Dafür eignet sich das Tonnengewölbe sehr gut.

Der Name Atelier hat seine Berechtigung, denn an den Wänden hängen Gemälde der Hobby-Künstlerin Lisa.

Infos und Öffnungszeiten

  • Genuss-Atelier, Bautzner Straße 149, 01099 Dresden, Mittwoch – Freitag von 17:00 Uhr – 23:00 Uhr , Samstag und Sonntag von 12:00 – 23:00 Uhr, warme Küche bis 21:00 Uhr. (Öffnungszeiten geändert


Unseren ersten Artikel verfasste Katrin Fiedler für die Morgenpost am 30. Oktober 2014 über uns:

Junge deutsche Küche im gemütlichen Keller

Im Genuss-Atelier geht die Post ab. Das Firmenlogo gleicht einem Stempel. Die Speisenfolge ist handgeschrieben, erinnert an eine Postkarte und nimmt den Gast mit auf eine kulinarische Reise.

Einer für alle. Alle für einen. Und zusammen volle Kraft voraus. Das klingt nach ‘nem Plan. Den haben sie auch: Marcus und Nicole Blonkowski, Lisa Deutschmann und Martin Seifried eröffnen am kommenden Sonnabend das Restaurant Genuss-Atelier. 12:00 Uhr geht’s los mit FIngerfood, Smalltalk und der Präsentation des hübschen Keller-Restaurants. Es trägt die Handschrift des Vierer-Teams und lockt mit junger deutscher Küche.

Marcus (28) ist Koch, Nicole (25) ist Hotelfachfrau. Die Geschwister wurden an der Hotel- und Gaststättenschule Schloss Albrechtsberg ausgebildet. Nur einen Katzensprung entfernt von ihrem eigenen kleinen Restaurant. “Dresden”, ist sich Nicole sicher, “wollte Ich nie verlassen.” Hat sie aber. Genauso wie ihr Bruder. Der Koch ging nach Wien. Ins Palais Coburg, ein 5*****S Haus. Dort kochte er gemeinsam mit Martin Seifried (27). Fünf Sterne trägt auch das Hotel Sacher in Wien. Lisa Deutschmann hat hier gearbeitet. Marketing ist ihre Stärke. Die spielt sie nun gemeinsam mit ihrer Wien-Connection Marcus und Martin aus. In Dresden. Auch wieder zurück: Nicole. Sie arbeitete zuletzt auf Schloss Berg im saarländischen 3*** Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant.

Gemeinsam mit ihrem Bruder ist sie sich einig: “Wir wollen unsere Gäste glücklich machen!” Mit regionalen Produkten, geliefert von Höfen, die die Gastronomen selbst ausgesucht haben, soll das gelingen. Zubereitet in liebevoller Handarbeit und ebenso aufmerksam serviert. Warum? Um die Philosophie der Genuss-Atelier Crew zu beschreiben leiht sich Koch Martin eben mal vom guten, alten Goethe die Worte: “Kein Genuss ist vorübergehend, denn der Eindruck, den er hinterlässt ist bleibend.”

Restaurant Genuss-Atelier, Bautzner Straße 149, 01099 Dresden

Telefon: 0351.25028337 – Mail: info@genuss-atelier.net

Geöffnet: Mittwoch – Freitag von 17:00 Uhr – 23:00 Uhr, Samstag und Sonntag von 12:00 – 23:00 Uhr, warme Küche bis 21:00 Uhr (Öffnungszeiten geändert)



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